Playdate. In stock and ready to ship.

We did it.

Ok, it took a while, but we shipped an incredible number of Playdate systems into the world, and we're now caught up with all pre-orders!!

That means Playdate is now in stock and ready to ship right away. 

We've also just added lots more shipping countries, including Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway, and all of the EU. (Plus, we pay taxes and duties up-front — no import surprises.)

And not only does Playdate come with 24 free games, but we now have Catalog, a built-in digital game store with 130+ incredible titles. And that's just one option — other stores like Itch have even more games.

It's time. Your Playdate is waiting.

Visit the Playdate Store

Have fun,
The Playdate Team at Panic

PS: There's a very, very small chance we sell out; if we do, we've got more on the way, and we'll let you know when they're in stock again.

PPS: The game at the top is Root Bear. It's really good.

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